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As no one had done so after a year of waiting, Karp and developer Marco Arment began working on their own tumblelogging platform. In early June , Tumblr featured its first major brand advertising campaign in conjunction with Adidas , who launched an official soccer Tumblr blog and bought placements on the user dashboard. This launch came only two months after Tumblr announced it would be moving towards paid advertising on its site.

On May 20, , it was announced that Yahoo and Tumblr had reached an agreement for Yahoo! Karp announced in November that he would be leaving Tumblr by the end of the year. Tumblr blogs may optionally allow users to submit questions, either as themselves or anonymously, to the blog for a response. Tumblr also offered a "fan mail" function, allowing users to send messages to blogs that they follow. On November 10, , Tumblr introduced an integrated instant messaging function, allowing users to chat between other Tumblr users.

The feature was rolled out in a "viral" manner; it was initially made available to a group of users, and other users could receive access to the messaging system if they were sent a message by any user that had received access to the system itself. The messaging platform replaces the fan mail system, which was deprecated.

In May , Tumblr launched Storyboard, a blog managed by an in-house editorial team which features stories and videos about noteworthy blogs and users on Tumblr. In March , Tumblr began to syndicate original video content from Verizon-owned video network go90 , as part of an ongoing integration of Oath properties, and reported plans to wind down go90 in favor of using Oath properties to distribute its content instead. This made the respective content available internationally, since go90 is a U.

In , the service was most popular with the teen and college-aged user segments with half of Tumblr's visitor base being under the age of As of June 1, , Tumblr hosts over Tumblr has been noted by technology journalists as having a sizable amount of pornographic content. In addition, a reported In July , Tumblr began to filter content from adult-tagged blogs from appearing in search results and tag displays unless the user is logged in. In February , Safe Mode which filters "sensitive" content and blogs became enabled by default for all users on an opt-out basis.

On December 3, , Tumblr announced that effective December 17, all images and videos depicting sex acts, and real-life images and videos depicting human genitalia or "female-presenting" nipples, would be banned from the service. Exceptions are provided for illustrations or art that depict nudity, nudity related to "political or newsworthy speech", and depictions of "female-presenting" nipples in relation to medical events such as childbirth , breastfeeding , mastectomy and gender reassignment surgery.

The new rules do not apply to text content. All posts in violation of the new policy will be hidden from public view, and repeat offenders may be reprimanded. The change has faced wide criticism among Tumblr's community; in particular, it has been argued that the service should have focused on other major issues such as controlling hate speech or the number of porn-related spambots on the service , and that the service's adult community provided a platform for sex education , independent adult performers especially those representing LGBT communities who feel that they are underrepresented by a heteronormative mainstream industry seeking an outlet for their work, and those seeking a safe haven from "over-policed" platforms to share creative work with adult themes.

Wired cited multiple potential factors in the ban, including that the presence of adult content made the service unappealing to potential advertisers, the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act a U. Tumblr's headquarters is at Broadway in New York City. Their first advertising launch started in May after 16 experimental campaigns. In , Tumblr began allowing companies to pay to promote their own posts to a larger audience.

Tumblr Head of Sales, Lee Brown, has quoted the average ad purchase on Tumblr to be nearly six figures. In July , advertisements were implemented by default across all blogs. Users may opt out, and the service stated that a revenue sharing program would be implemented at a later date.

Tumblr has been forced to manage spam and security problems. For example, a chain letter scam in May affected , users. On December 3, , Tumblr was attacked by a cross-site scripting worm deployed by the Internet troll group Gay Nigger Association of America. The message urged users to harm themselves and criticized blogging in general.

In , Tumblr faced criticism by users for changes to its reblog mechanisms. In July , the system was modified so that users cannot remove or edit individual comments by other users when reblogging a post; existing comments can only be removed all at once. Tumblr staff argued that the change was intended to combat "misattribution". In September , Tumblr changed how threads of comments on reblogged posts are displayed; rather than a nested view with indentations for each post, all reblogs are now shown in a flat view, and user avatars were also added.

The change was intended to improve the legibility of reblogs, especially on mobile platforms, and complements the inability to edit existing comments. Although some users had requested such a change to combat posts made illegible by extremely large numbers of comments on a reblogged post, the majority of users even those who had requested such a change criticized the new format. The Verge was also critical of the changes, noting that it was cleaner, but made the site lose its "nostalgic charm". In February , Tumblr banned blogs that promote or advocate suicide, self-harm and eating disorders pro-ana.

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The suicide of a British teenager, Tallulah Wilson, raised the issue of suicide and self-harm promotion on Tumblr as Wilson was reported to have maintained a self-harm blog on the site. A user on the site is reported to have sent Wilson an image of a noose accompanied by the message: Searching terms like "depression", "anxiety", and "suicide" on Tumblr now brings up a PSA page directing the user to resources like the national suicide lifeline , and 7 Cups ; as well as an option to continue to the search results.

There are concerns of some Tumblr posts glorifying suicide and depression among young people.

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In February , BuzzFeed published a report claiming that Tumblr was utilized as a distribution channel for Russian agents to influence American voting habits during the presidential election. These countries include China , [94] Indonesia , Kazakhstan [95] and Iran. The government shortly reversed its decision to block the site and said it had asked Tumblr to self-censor its pornographic content. In November , Tumblr's iOS app was pulled by Apple after illegal child pornography images were found on the service.

Tumblr stated that all images uploaded to the service are scanned against an industry database, but that a "routine audit" had revealed images that had not yet been added to the database.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This section may lend undue weight to certain ideas, incidents, or controversies. Please help improve it by rewriting it in a balanced fashion that contextualizes different points of view. February Learn how and when to remove this template message. Internet portal Companies portal New York City portal. Archived from the original on Retrieved June 1, Retrieved 14 December Retrieved July 2, The New York Times.

Retrieved March 26, Retrieved December 8, David Karp and Tumblr Video. Event occurs at 1: Retrieved February 24, Sometime in , we had a couple of weeks between contracts and said 'Let's see what we can do, let's see if we can build this thing', and we threw together the first working version of Tumblr. Retrieved April 17, Archived from the original on January 2, Retrieved January 2, Thank you for your time. I missed my period a few weeks after having a condom mishap. Should I even mention it to my boyfriend before I know for sure if I'm pregnant?

And how early is too early? No lame questions here! Love is a complicated word, and people hold it to different standards.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Some people are very frivolous with the word, and like to tell anyone they have strong feelings for that they care. Others cherish the word, and only want to share it with those people that they believe deserve it. Meaning the best option here is to just talk it out with your partner. Ask HIM how he feels about the L word, and see how much he cares about you.

When is the right time? When is too early?

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Well we have different preferences and kinks and were in a long-distance relationship to boot. He jumps in my pants right away when we see each other again but, Im just not sexually interested in him as I am emotionally? It sounds shallow I know but I still do care for him deeply and Idk what to do now after 2 years of this. Hi, for priority questions, can we ask you to look over a short two-paragraph letter or something we're agonising over sending?

I'm using the 'we're' in case future dudes are curious, too. Also, is it possible to get the priority question answered off-blog, or with the 'letter' removed? If you really think it would help you to have someone look over your letter, I would gladly do that as a priority question.

My crush: *exists*

Firstly, want to say sorry for the radio silence. Was applying for a major opportunity to teach abroad, while also dealing with Thanksgiving crap, among balancing a relationship, looking for work, and the rest of my life. To that end, I streamed recently and banged out over 25 questions in a single sitting, and it was pretty fun!

If you want to ever see whatever I stream, you can visit my Twitch here , or use the link to find it: There is probably a more efficient way to do this, but this is my first time, so excuse me while shit is clunky and I work out the kinks!

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Everyone can support someone living with HIV. You can also visit HelpStopTheVirus. Should I just accept these problems and focus on the many positives or should I take this as a sign that things are only going to get worse? What should I do if my ex-boyfriend who broke up with me, wanted to only have sex with me and he said the only attachment we had after our relationship was sex - now I don't want this for myself and i want something real which i know he will not give me, he is saying im being selfish and I should be thinking about 'us' instead of my own feelings?

What should I do? Why the fuck would you honestly care a thing about what your ex wants?