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There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who say they love pizza, and those who are willing to go the extra mile to prove they love pizza by getting the Domino's logo tattooed on their bodies. You might not think there are many who fall into the latter category, but after a Domino's location in Russia announced a marketing promotion in which the chain promised free pizzas per year for years to Domino's fans who got tattoos of the company logo, it's clear there are.

In fact, so many people got Domino's tattoos that the company had to end the promotion after only five days, Business Insider reported. The promotion, which began on August 31, was announced on the Domino's team's VKontakte page, a Russian social media platform much like Facebook. There were, however, several conditions set in place.

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But I know that's a very juvenile way to feel because he's getting the opportunity to make a living as an artist and that's absolutely the best thing for him-better than having me in his life. I would never let him pick me over tattoing but i really want him to And how long he's going to be treated this way. And how long im willing to put up with it. And how long he's willing to put up with it. Sorry for the rant. Does anyone have any insight into how they coped? It appears from your comments that its not changing any time soon..

Thanks so much for this! Glad I'm not the only one I do have trust issues, even though he's the most trustfull guy there is.

Tattoos Over Sexualized? Dating Troubles With Tattoos. 💔💕

I try to work on that 'cause I hate the feeling. I just have this HUGE urge to check what the women look like on facebook while he is tattooing them. I think just to give me some peace of mind but sometimes it makes things worse in my head.. Also have this urge to show up at the tattooshop to show him some love so the female client knows there's someone in his life already.

If I'm honest, I'm worried more about being "stepped on" or "feeling passed" by those women who I know try to flirt. He has proven that over and over. I just canmt stand the feeling of being passed by another women, most of them know he has a girlfriend.

They just don't care, think they're better than me, can offer more than me. I would love to teach them a lesson and tell them a thing or two but can't since they're paying clients Now we don't live together anymore, but are back together. I try to trust him but have horrible insecurities due to his past with his ex and the "breaking up cause he may cheat" we are doing more together now like conventions ect together.

But he's not as open now about being back together. Also he broke up with me cause I wasn't "good enough ". What would your advice to them be? I'm gonna try to keep this very short. My boyfriend work at one of the most well known shops in central fl. We lived together for 5 months and HE broke it off cause the family life I have 2 kids not his and tattoo life don't mix. He wants to travel and up and leave whenever , also broke up with me in the fear of he may cheat on me. Thank you for this really interesting article, I have been with my boyfriend who is tattooist for almost a year and I had been wondering why we have so many squabbles.

You've worded everything I've ever wanted to vent out about my frustrations.

Things to Know While Dating a Tattoo Artist—Five Years In

I get really jealous as he's had to tattoo many of his admirers, followers and even models before which for someone like me who isn't a model it's quite disheartening. Congratulations on your shop!!! I wish you unlimited success!!! I think the industry is beginning to change, although very slowly, as more women enter the field. You are absolutely correct that not all tattoo artists are pigs and that not all tattoo shops are run this way, but look on average how many men cheat on their women who are not tattoo artists and who do not have constant temptation being thrown in their faces.

Plus men can very easily separate having sex with someone and loving their families and their wives. Which is uncomfortable to think about but the truth of the matter is that men view sex very differently then women do. Anyway, with as many different tattoo shops that I have worked in and with the experiences of almost all of the other female tattoo artists that I have met from across the USA they mirror my own so much it is frankly scary. What I have noticed is that if a girl has either a family member such as a brother, husband, or a boyfriend who works or owns the shop then she will not be harassed, but if none of your family is in the industry expect this behavior.

I think that more women in the tattoo industry need to talk about it more and they need to fight harder for changes and not have the "oh well it is just how the industry is" mentality. Fortunately, I have already took care of all of that nonsense and now I have a fully state licensed private tattoo studio: And thank you for your cyber hug: I am sorry you work ed in a shop with a bunch of pigs. BUT not every shop or every artist behaves like that.

There IS a lot of sexual harassment in this industry, but that's the nature of the beast, My boss has a sign in his tattoo room that says, "Sexual harassment won't be reported, but it will be graded.

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Some day, I hope you will be successful enough, that you'll be able to start your own shop and you won't have to deal with that. This is a very flirtatious industry. No, that doesn't excuse the bad behavior you've had to deal with, but if you swim with sharks Take it with a grain of salt and punch the ones that can't take "NO" for an answer.

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There are amazing things about this industry. Don't let a few jerks ruin your perspective. I am not dating a tattoo artist.