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MOney, Money, Money, Moneyyyyyy Come check what's happening here. DJ Remix Detroit Roast Faced Dinner Roast Faced Dinner 3: Not sure about the word bubalo but that's what it sounded like. DJ Johnny' O DJ Johnny' O 1: I was listening to a Reggae station in the area of Clifton, NJ and I didn't look at the name of the station.

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I did note the time as 7: At the end I caught the D. I didn't catch the last name. He said the song was called. The only lyric that stands out is "I've got a fire burning in my soul. Please help me find this song! I remember it going: This was the music the that was played on the private bus routes in Panama. Ahhhhh that brings me back. What was the one that keeps repeating in the chorus gunshot dem boom?

Nice chunes that take me waaaay back! I've been looking for a reggae song I heard passively years ago and I hope someone can help. I think its a remix or remake of murder she wrote sang by a man whom I suspect to be Pliers. The riddim is softer not Bam Bam riddim. The only part I can remember is the chorus that sounds like "All I know is murder, muder she wrote".

Will be very glad if someone can help.. I had it on a mix tape from Trinidad back in the mid 90s, but I was borrowing it from my brother so I don't know when he first got it. Anyway I was in a car accident and the tape got scrapped with the car, and I have been looking for this song ever since I don't remember all the lyrics, but the lyrics I remember go something like this where I put [something] it's because I can hum it but don't remember the words. And the words I did get may be a bit off, it's what I could remember "something about the way that you walk, you know you got me hypnotized Something about the way that you [something] You know [something something something something] I need your love Yes I need [something] [something something something] For your love I pray Every time you come my way I want to hug ya, squeeze ya, kiss ya, please ya Yeah yeah yeah [something something], oh with my love Something about the way that you [something] [somethong somethin, something] my body yeah yeah yeah yeah Da da da da da da da da daaa Daa.

Da da da da da da da da da Daa.

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And these are the notes to match those da's on the piano: I believe it's from the late 80s or early 90s. Don't be surprised if I tell you that I need high grade, morning, noon and evening And the ultimate reason I smoke is to find a higher meditation. The best reggae mix ever. Theres a song on 7 that goes " All them a talk about gun dem dont know it like me, cause me a rude boy in na the country" anyone know the artist of title? PLEASE if you know the artist, name of the track or better yet if its posted online would be grateful. I've searched the whole album so I think it probably was never released.

I remember listening to it around Would anyone have a clue or remember a remix to that song? The chorus went "Send me your love baby everyday". It doesnt have any of the "with a dozen roses Hopefully someone can help me with this one? Any help on this would be great!


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I need yall help once again pleaseeeee. Looking for a fast paced reggae or dancehall song that all i seem to remember says "aah to the gee to the gee to the jay" Its fast paced, makes you wanna dance. Im almost pretty sure its from Barrington Levy.

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All i remember is that he says "swiiiiing. Swiddley daddley diddley woooooooah".

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  8. I checked Broader than Broadway, but thats definitely not the same beat i remember. Im thinking maybe some other artist took that part from the song, when Barrington sings "swingggg, woah" and added it one of their own songs? Kind of like a tribute or a remix to him?? Ahhhhh im at a losses end with this one. I cant think of any other songs with a tribute to the great Barrington Levy.

    Maybe a dancehall or hip hop song?? This mix will take you on a cruise around the carribean and keep you dancing the entire time. I cant believe i covered over 80 songs in 80 mins! There is a link in the description for you to DL it if you wish. I'm looking for an old dancehall song with the singer laughing in the chorus. Not "maddy maddy cry" or "granny" Thanks. It's Gregory Peck - laughing peck Thanks bro. I can't remember the artist name too. He was a dark fellow. There was a music video for it too. It went something like: Some girls will always be your friend Trust them and they become your problem No matter what you tell me please Even go down on your knees The way you touch me The way you hold me Way you kiss me Memories, Memories, Those are just memories There was another song too that I can't remember.

    It was more of a rap song but it was like a hindi song ft. This next one now, might be a bit more difficult.

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    It's got a kinda uptempo beat the beat is supreme on this particular version I'm searching for. The vocalist is talking bout the man with the rubber leg that lives up in the hill maybe mountain? That comes down from the hill just to fight like a kung fu man style!?!? Please, if anyone can help me to find these two tunes i would most appreciate it. Started like this with someone singing She makes me woo woo woo woo, she makes me woooo woooo woooo..

    She makes me woo woo woo woo, she knows to satisfy my love satisfy me.. With her tender loving and her sweet romancing.. And her all night loving.. Thanx for any help.. This is more of a chill one, for the puff puff pass times: P But it will get you moving by the end and then Wait till you listen to the 2nd one: Guaranteed to make u sweat your butt off! I dont know if you can handle it after the 1 hr mark.

    But the refrain has, "who sey uptown girl can't wind, who sey dem can't fling waist-line, when me hold yu, when me squeeze yu, Was looking for this 90's Reggae song for years.

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    I don't remember much about it but it starts of with him saying " I was riding through Texas, with my 45 in my hand I believe it was on an album and the CD case had a picture of him on a horse with a gun in his hand, I think this was the album. I though it was Cutty Ranks but doesn't seem so. I can't find this song anywhere. Please help ID this track for me!!

    It is greatly appreciated!!! I have met the singer who sang that twice during the 90's, and for the life of me I cannot remember his name either. That song was a hit among many "Caucasian" gangsta wannabees. Sounded like Barrington Levy but I can't find the name or artist.

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    Any help would be appreciated. I'm trying to find a song by Super Cat, might be a dub plate called wicked apache. I remember the chorus went " super cat him are di wicked apache oh oh oh gosh". Title sounds like "All Over London! Thanks for any leads!

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    Jiang Shi Paul helped her to be one.. Jiang Shi Paul and i contacted him and told him i wanted to be a vampire,he asked me a few questions and asked me to do some few things and BOOM!!! Does anyone know the name of this song here: The lyrics go "Pick up the mic" and I can't make out on the rest. It goes like this: La bella mafia 7: This video features an artist NOT in the reggae genre Aleem Khan , but Khan goes to a record store with a reggae song playing in the background.

    It plays for a while, but I'm not that familiar with reggae to identify it. I really love this sound though, so if any of you can watch this video the song I'm looking for plays from 8: The song plays on this sound cloud link at I would appreciate it a lot if someone could find me this song, it's not Sizzlas version either m.